Very Dense mesh from Butterfly sample file

Hello, I’m just getting into Butterfly, and I can’t seem to figure out why my mesh is more detailed/heavy than what is shown in this tutorial (

I’m using the example file:
I haven’t changed any of the settings besides toggling true the [wind tunnel], [grading], [blockmesh], and lastly [visualize mesh].

When I toggle true the visualize mesh, its so large it sometimes causes grasshopper to crash.

Is there a reason why my mesh is so dense?

@MarZan The mesh of your model is quite normal. Because the video ( by @mostapha is used butterfly Version 0.0.04. In the new butterfly version 0.0.05 , it has a new compotent called wind tunnel grading.This compotent maked the difference, you should pay more attention on this compotent.

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