View Analysis - Canceled by user!

Hi there.

I wanted to try out the Quantify Visual Access to Scenery example file, but I can’t seem to get it running. I get this message in the ReadMe!

Current document units is in Feet
Conversion to Meters will be applied = 0.305
Canceled by user!

If I turn off the geometryBlocksView_ and remove the context_ I get it to run. Is anyone else having issues with the view analysis component?

A bit of progress. I’m trying to do it with Ladybug 1.2 now. And have had some success, but hit a snag when adding the context:

Visibility Percentage - Error when adding (181.1 KB)

Also, when increasing the max_dist_ above a certain value it also fails.

Your example is running perfectly well for me:

You are probably experiencing this error and you should update your Rhino:

Updating Ladybug did it. Actually not really sure how! Thanks!