View analysis component


thx, for the nice plugin and for the easy to getting started setup. But I am a little in doubt how to use the view analysis component, dosent seems like i get the right result, see beelow picture. I also tried with different value in the parameter component. But couldnt get it right. Any tips or suggestion for what it might be ?


Hi Jesper!

Thank you! As I mentioned here there are few bugs in the view component that should be fixed! I also have to write a post to discuss how the parameter component works. The result that you get though looks way wrong! That 0 values does make no sense to me. Are you using the locked version? I fixed the component once but only for the unlocked version.

If you still want to use the view component and cannot wait until I fix it all upload your definition so I can take a look.




thx. for the respond. I am properly doing something silly somewhere, but I was abit uncertain on how to put it up.

best regads and good luck with the future devolpment
Jesper (96.4 KB)

Hi Jesper, Do you want to also upload the Rhino file or internalize the test geometries? Thanks. -Mostapha

hey, its just all simple boxes (With vectors pointing out), and the context is a plane in which i extract the viewpoints, as seen in the before png. Do you might have and example file of one working ? It acted very odd, sometimes when moving boxes closer, it went from 0 to higher value.

Jasper and Paulina! I think the best case is to give me some time that I can fix all the issues and then provide some supporting documents for the debugged version of the component! Partially fixing the issues doesn’t seem to be an efficient way of solving this problem! Thanks. -Mostapha

kk, cool. I was just uncertain if it was me way of sitting it which was wrong or what it was. Looking forward for the result. btw. I love the orientation parameter in Ladybug.
Regards Jesper


I’m a new user of Ladybug (great work!) and now playing with the visual analysis component. Looking forward for the note explaining how does it work exactly, cause for now it freezes my Rhino every time I run it, even with one view point.