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I am doing a view analysis of a building in an urban scale. I tried to get which of my input points has a view on the test geometry so that I can spot which places have any visual connection to my building. Is there any possibility to get that ?

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Check this example.

Hey thanks @AbrahamYezioro,
but I want to figure out which of the input points have a view to the building. Speaking about your example, which of the points you create with generate Mesh component have a view to any part of geometry. I want to figure out exactly which of the points I use as input in “_viewTypeOrPoints” have a view on the building. My Idea behind is that I want to visualize from which of the points I can see the building and from which not.

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The example is telling you more than just “if you see the building”. Is telling you how much of it you see from a specific point (those in color are your view points). If you are interested in the binary situation (0-don’t see anything, 1-you see something), you can just cull the 0 values and use the remaining values as those you are interested in.

Hey @AbrahamYezioro,

Thanks again for the fast reply but I think there is a misunderstanding. I have about 8000 points spread over a city and I want to figure out from which of this points I can see the building. So I’m not so far interested in the which part of the building is seen from which percentage of the points but more to get to know from which of my about 8000 points I can see the building. So that I have in the end a list or something with the point from where the building can bee seen.

Ok I figured a way out, I created a surface at each point and made the analysis the other way around, so I checked which surface can be seen from the building.

Still, the question is which part of the building can you see. Since you need to define a grid of point (for either the eye and aim). Is it the top of it, the middle?

For me it is not interesting which part can be seen, I am only interested if the building can be seen. In the end I just want to know exactly which of my points can see any part (which one I don´t care) of the building. It worked quiet good for me to create a surface at each point and then a set of points at the building I want to test, then I looked from the created surfaces to the building, all surfaces which have then a result >0 can see the building.

Which is exactly what i suggested at the beginning.
Good that you figured it out.

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