View analysis self occlution


I’m a beginner so please pardon me if this is really simple problem but however I searched on internet I couldn’t find a solution.

I have contours of several building in my project and I’m trying to analyze the view factor of the floors. However, I have too much building to analyze independently. Therefore, I have to use all the geometry and the context together. Because of that issue, floor surfaces and breps are occluting. Is there anyway to deny for the contour surfaces to deny only it’s own buildings brep without denying others? Or is there any other way to solve that problem?

This image is the result that I get which as you can see even though there is no building mass near by the top floors of the middle building it’s getting effected by it’s own brep

This image is the result that I want to reach but not only the building on the middle for all buildings at the same time

This is the image of the gh file.

Thank you for your time

You can graft the geometry input to the “LB View Percent” component so that each input geometry is run independently of the others. You’ll end up with 3 legends at the end but at least the analysis will be as you intended it.