View out excluding views though more than 2 glass panes

Hi all,

I am trying to assess view out in a project using the Ladybug View rose. I need to check over the plan of my project from which points one can see out. The problem is that I need to rule out views that go through more than two glasses. I cannot think of a way to adapt the script to that rule. Any suggestions?


Hi Alejandro, Why don’t you just remove the glasses from the context? and also have you see the great work by David?

Thanks for the suggestion but I am afraid that would not work in this case. It is a complex layout with a lot of interior glass partitions. We assessing it in LEED and view out is only considered when it is though 1 or 2 glass panes but not 3 or more. It is a bit complex to assess.

I see. That should be still doable. You can run the view analysis with no glazing, create the lines, and intersect them with glazing surfaces. If num of intersections is less than 3 then count it as the view out.

True that. Seems pretty straightforward. Thanks!


Alejandr I don’t have a solution for you, however I’m working on to automated the LEED IEQc8.2 views.

In the attached files you can play with a single room including two external glass and one internal obstacle.

LEED_IEQc8.2.3dm (107 KB) (20.7 KB)