View to the Outdoors issue in Rhino 7

Hello everyone,

I am trying to run the view to the outdoors analysis using Rhino 7 and my results are equal zero for the entire room.

When I run exactly the same files in my other pc, using Rhino 6, it works fine, but in Rhino 7 I get this result.
Anyone having the same issue? Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you!


This is happening indeed in R7 (sadly).
The good news is that you can use the LBT ViewPercent component instead.

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Hi Abraham,
Thank you for your answer.

This would be an exercise for the students at the University.
Unfortunately, I can not use LBT at the Uni lab, there is some bureaucracy to ask the IT to install new plugins. The “good” new is that for the same reason, they haven’t installed Rhino 7 there yet, so it would be fine for now.
Thanks anyway