ViewAnalysis - ReColoring Mesh into Binary

I’m running a view analysis to determine what faces (and parts of that face) of a building gets view of the water (in this case a river). Currently, the analysis outputs a percentage per facade/test node and it indicates the % of water surface nodes can be seen from that facade node.

I’d like to simplify the resulting visual into a binary result instead of percentage – 1 it has a view of the water, 0 it has no view of the water. I don’t care how good of a view it is, just whether the water can be seen or not.

2 options to do this, I think:

  1. take the result analysis, if >0, re-assign the value to 1. From here, re-color the mesh, but I have no idea how to do that.
  2. View Analysis also has a binary output (in list form) that i’m sure can be turned into a colored mesh but same issue as above

@sanjaya.natasha For option1, you can connect ptsvisiable to analysis result for visualization.

I should have included everything I’ve tried. When you do that, the “pt Visible” list doesn’t match the “input mesh” and it causes an error.

I think this is what you are asking for …?


Not quite, Abraham. I want the same mapping as above. But instead of a color associated to a percentage value, if there’s a percent value >= 1, they’re all assigned 1 and that gets a color. Else, assigned 0 and that gets a 2nd color.

But i do want to show this on the building mass

I don’t see how it is different. Exactly the same to what i posted before.

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