Viewing energy results by orientation

Hello! I am running an energy simulation on a simple box model - 2 floors with center zones and four perimeter zones. I would like to view my cooling energy results by orientation. To do this I have used the “sort zones by orientation” component and have linked this to the “normalize data by floor area component” and the “separate data” component so I can filter out the cooling energy number. (I am currently just running an annual timestep so I only have one number.) You can see from my screenshot that I am getting the same value for 4 out of 5 zones. I exported the raw results to excel and confirmed these are not the correct values. Is there something wrong with my workflow? I appreciate any help!

I uploaded my gh file - sorry its kind of a mess I’m testing a lot of things. See the portion highlighted in pink.

LEEDv4 IDP Credit (1.2 MB)

Why don’t you use color zones by results component? I can’t check right now but I believe it also outputs the results for each zone.

@MariaGrimm ,

There was a bug in the old Honeybee_Normalize by Floor Area. If you update your components to the version on the github, you should see correctly normalized results. Otherwise, you can just take the raw non-normalized results and they should be correct or you can use the color zones component as @mostapha suggests, which will perform the normalization correctly.

Also, that example file is way more than what is needed to recreate this issue. Please follow the forum guidelines in the future (Ladybug Tools Forum Guidelines)

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