Viewing raw data results in an sql file (HB Read Room Energy Results)

Hi there. We’re using the HB Read Room Results (v1.2.0) to review results from Energy Plus for a modelling run. We’ve been running into the issue where, after summing 8760 values for a given zone, our total annual people gain is 0% of our total gains from lighting, equipment, people and sun:

However, for this same zone, the EP output tables are showing non-zero people gains–both in the Sensible Gains Summary (sensible gain = 2.855GJ) and Zone Summary (18.58 m2/person) tables. So we’ve verified that there’s a room load, but we’re seeing 0 people gains at every 8760 hour for this zone using the HB Read Room Energy Results component.

Has anyone encountered this issue before? We’re hoping to take a look at the raw results in the .sql file but are having trouble opening it in a readable format. Any ideas for how to view it?


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Could it be an issue with your schedules? Both reports you mentioned are only for zone sizing and not for the hourly simulation.

To check the if the hourly simulation has internal gains applied, I think the easiest way would be to change the OutputControl:Table:Style from HTML to CommaAndHTML using the IDF editor or a text editor and rerunning the simulation in EP Launch so you can produce a CSV file.

If you are comfortable with python, you can open the SQL file following this discussion on unmet hours: Alternate ways of opening an E+ .sql file - Unmet Hours

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I’ve been using this: SQLite Viewer

How do you use it? could u plz explain

if you mean, how you use the SQLite Viewer you just open the link and drag or upload the sql file generated from your simulation. Then select the property you want to view (e.g materials). That’s it.

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