Vis_Set with WindProfile

Want to report that the _vis_set output of the WindProfile component is throwing this error:

Runtime error (MissingMemberException): ‘Objectifier’ object has no attribute ‘to_vis_set’

line 81, in process_vis_set, “”
line 102, in RunScript, “”

I believe it is caused because the output contains 2 items. If i connect only one of those it works fine.


Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

For now, this is a case where you should probably use two “Preview Visualization Set” components. The List Access nature of the input was meant more for case where you’re connecting Honeybee objects to the component to visualize them.

I’ll see if I can add support for multiple “Visualization Set Argument” objects soon.

Thanks @chris!
Was just wondering.

Hey @AbrahamYezioro ,

FYI, I added the ability to connect multiple VisualizationSet argument objects to the same “Preview Visualization Set” component:

This has coincided with a breaking change between the core libraries and the latest component. So just make sure you are using the latest versions of everything or use the “Sync Grasshopper File” component to make sure everything is on the same version.

Also, I might still recommend using multiple “Preview Visualization Set” components for certain cases since everything gets merged into a single visualization set when it gets connected up to the same component. So this can limit things like the control over the legend and you generally get more control with more components.

Hi @chris,
Thank you!!
Works fine now … and i get what you mean, especially with the legend: For the above case the default plots 2 legends (the same) side by side. Solved that with the Legen2DPar giving the same X/Y origin for both.

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