Visualization of srfData error

Hi all ,

Hope my message finds you well , I have this issue of " 1. None of the connected srfData could be matched with the surfaces in the connected HBZones " when visualizing the surface data results. Also when visualizing the results by zone I had the results of roof & floor only , So what should I do to visualize surface data ?

plz find attached the gh file & the epw file .

thank you ,


EGY_Hurghada.624630_ETMY.epw (1.7 MB)

Hi mona,

Your zones not created correctly.

You have 73 surfaces, that HB assumes each surface as a zone!!

It is needed to define each zone must be a “close Brep”.

To create Zone from HB surface use “Honeybee_createHBZones”

Then to solving adjacent zone walls for defining interior walls, air walls and etc, use Honeybee_Solve Adjacencies.

See 1 and 2,


Hi Omid ,

thanks for your help , I was confused how to draw my building as it’s a large one consists of many zones in 4 floors & I need to study the thermal & energy performance of the whole building. I will draw it again & I will share with you results :slight_smile: