Visualize Annual Radiation Simulation with Honeybee


I have tried to find the solution to this probably simple issue, but no luck.

i cannot find out how to visualize the results of my annual radiation analysis done with honeybee, not with the ladybug component.

Once I bring the results, the illFiles, which component should I need to use to visualize the results of the analysis?

I enclosed screen capture of the workflow.

Thanks for the help

Check this example on Hydra.

Thanks Mustapha for the quick reply.

I have checked both this example you gave here, and also the workshop in youtube to make sure, a part of searching here in the posts, but I am still not able to visualize the annual radiation values for the surface I want to calculate.

The Output I can have with the “readAnnualResultsI” component allows me to have the DA, UDI, etc… that depends on occupancy, illuminance levels, etc…

I have tried with other component but without any luck.

So I am stuck where I was before.

I enclose part of the file I am working on.

As you can see what I can visualize are DLA, UDLI, CDA and sDA only, I cannot find the option to see the annual radiation.

If you can have a look it would be very helpful!

Thanks again for the support,

Federico (546 KB)


See attached for working version (white group in file). You were wrong in the analysisRecipe and the chosen sky.

Look also for Image Based simulations. See above red panel.

-A. (591 KB)

Hi Abraham!

I had completely forgotten about the cumulative sky.

Thanks for the help!