"Visualize" vs. "Vizualise"

@chris, just another mini-request to please be consistent in the way you spell that word :grinning:

Obviously not a big deal, it’s just that I noticed it taking me a while to quick-find those components which I believe has to do with the spelling.


not in any way to be negative / disparaging or intending anything negative:

Only positive waves:

Can always fork the repository on git:

edit the spelling:

do a pull request

Nope, they’re just saying it in bug way. :slight_smile:

side note: for posterity sake… I kinda feel like they should all be Vizzualize… :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Oh, man. How did I miss this when naming the components? Yes, this should definitely be consistent and I really must have been flying as high as an insect when I spelled it “vizualize.” Let me think if there’s some way that I can make this change without breaking the LB Sync Grasshopper File component, which currently uses the component name in order to update old components to the new version.

Maybe I can add in a check for the two spellings that will allow it to still work with the name change.

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Don’t even get me started, where the hell do all these zeds come from: