Voids in the Radiation mesh

Hello everyone,

I am using Rhino 6 and Ladybug updated to VER 0.0.67 and I am facing the same problem using Rhino 5.

From a few months, the output of the solar radiation analysis gives me a mesh where a lot of elements are completely dark, as they did not receive any radiation. It happens to me with both simple and complex shapes.

Please find below an example of this issue:

simple geometry
check of the normals

This happens with simple and small bidimensional surfaces and with complex and curved geometries. Both using Breps and Meshs as geometries. With any value of the grid size. Using or not the legend parameter. Any *.epw brings the same problem. Calculation in parallel or not shows no difference.

What is strange is that this problem does not only affect whole elements (for instance reading in the wrong way the normal of an entire surface), but it appears randomly for each element of the analysis mesh.
In the image below, the red triangle is a single surface element.

This problem appears every time I try to use the Ladybug solar radiation analysis. I don’t think it is a problem of the PC performances, since it is not the best in town but still it is an i7 with 32GB RAM and RTX 1050 that never reaches the 100% of any resource during the analysis.
After this problem showed up, it also happened that I had to format the PC and implement a SSD, but the situation did not change.

Does anyone has an idea about the reasons behind this problem and a way to overcome it?

Also a simple parallelepiped from Rhino has, in a smaller scale, the same problems:

But this would have been fine.

A sphere as well is a disaster:

Please let me know your thoughts.

I am attaching a light GH of the problem.
Thank you in advance to everyone!

Radiation issue.gh (416.2 KB)

I would increase the distanceFromBase input. From the size of your grid (2000) seems to be you are working in mm. Your distance is 0.01. Try something between 1 and 10 and i believe it should be fixed.

Thank you very much Abraham, it solved the situation!

I owe you a beer :beers: