VSC Analysis - Showing Facade Coloured Results

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently trying to set up a Vertical Sky Component simulation based on the template set up on Hydra, but would like to graphically show an entire facade range of results with colour index rather than single point based simulation.

Is anyone able to assist with the two questions I have below:

  1. Generate a range of points from an individual surface to a specified spacing (e.g. 3m x 3m)?
  2. Show results graphically on a facade with colour range indicating higher/lower VSC%?

My current GH script is attached. Thanks in advance for your help!

BRE VSC Analysis TEST.gh (812.7 KB)

See attached. You need to use the HB_genTestPts component. See blue group in the attached.
Somehow the visualization in Rhino 5 is fine. In Rhino 6 it shows “funny” behaviour.
BRE VSC Analysis TEST_AY.gh (828.3 KB)

I noticed that also for 3D charts during a workshop. That’s something that we should probably report to McNeel if no one has done it before. cc: @wim

Thanks for the heads-up, @mostapha!
I’ll make sure we take a look at this. I’m on the road at the moment but it’s on the agenda now.


@AbrahamYezioro this is fantastic - thank you!
I can see that your edits allow selection and simulation of individual facades. Out of curiosity, is there a method to generate test points for every vertical facade of the brep, instead of creating separate threads for each facade (in the event that we want to test multiple)?

Thanks again.

You can feed the genTestPts with all surfaces you want. Those will be analyzed.
In the example i sent i picked just one but could pick all of them.