VSC daylight component

Hi there!

I noticed that there isn’t a Vertical Sky Component (VSC) component in the newest version of Ladybug and Honeybee (1.3.0). I was wondering if there is a new component (or script) that could substitute the VSC component in the recent version.

Also, I am trying to analyse a façade in terms of daylight (I am trying to use VSC as one of the metrics, together with sunlight hours). Has anyone come across with a different metric (maybe in terms of luxes) to analyse daylight in the facades of few buildings within a masterplan in an early stage of design?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @cheo081095 ,

We just called the component HB Sky View in the new LBT plugin. If you read the description, it tells you the following:

Note that computing cloudy Sky View for a vertically-oriented geometry (horizontal sensor direction) will yield Vertical Sky Component (VSC) as described by the UK Building Research Establishment (BRE).

The HB Annual Daylight recipe is a much more robust way to quantify daylight than VSC but it will take longer to run.

Perfect! I will have a look at that. Many thanks @chris