VSC Dynamo - Vertical Sky Component

Hi All, I’m an architect based in UK and I’m pretty new to the world of Dynamo.
I’m currently looking at the the Vertical Sky Component (VSC) which is a required UK Breeam assessment. I think I understood the principle behind the assessment but I currently can’t find a way to perform the analysis in Dynamo. I read multiple sources in GH forums about the calculation of VSC on that platform. However I wonder if there is a way to perform the same analysis in Dynamo.
Thanks everyone for your help!

There is a component in Ladybug tools to calculate VSC called
HB Sky view(Skyview)

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@Boumerzoug.adel 's answer is the correct one, though I also wanted to clarify that the link is to the Grasshopper component documentation since the Dynamo plugin is deprecated.

So, if you want to perform this type of VSC analysis with a Revit model, you should either use Rhino inside Revit or you can purchase a license for the Pollination Revit plugin, which can export clean Honeybee models directly from Revit to be run with the SkyView recipe: