Watch the Ladybug Workshop Live This Sunday!

I will be teaching a 4 hour workshop about using Ladybug for environmental design/analysis this Sunday (March 30, 2014) 1pm - 5pm EST/EDT.

The workshop will be streamed live. You won’t be able to ask questions during the workshop but I will be using Ladybug example files which you can download from the Ladybug group page so you can follow along with the workshop. You can send me your questions later.

The workshop is a part of the Environmental Design Studio for the students of the Master in Environmental Building Design (MEBD) program at PennDesign.

Tentative outline:

Getting Started: (epw file, 3d charts, conditional statements)

Wind analysis: (windrose, conditional statement > potential for natural ventilation)

Sky + Radiation: (radiation rose, sky dome)

Sunpath + Shading design: (hourly data overlay, conditional statement)

Radiation, Sunlight hours analysis (roof design, optimum orientation)

In case we have time we will also cover one example about:

Parametric optimization

To watch the workshop please register below:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Thanks to Thornton Tomasetti for making streaming the workshop possible.


PS. Sorry for the short notice. Please feel free to forward this to anyone of interest. There will be a similar workshop next Sunday (April 6th) at the same time on Honeybee for daylighting simulation. I will send the registration link early next week. Stay tuned!

Hi Mostapha
good news
i registered


There are several members of our team that would like to attend your webinar but are unavailable on Sunday. Is it possible to get a recording of your presentation so they can follow along at another time?

Hi Leland, I personally love to have the recording uploaded afterward however I can’t make the final decision about this. I will keep you posted.

Great do… I have time right 19:00 - 23:00 in Berlin time?

Because the daylight saving you should shift this with an hour. 1 pm should be 6 pm in Brelin. Right now it is 10:07 here and 3:07 in Berlin based on google. Does GOTOMeeting give you the wrong time without considering daylight saving?

hmm is almost 6pm here and nothing seems to start…I guess will start in 1 hr…

Same over here, 19:00hs it is I guess

We will start in half an hour.

I hope to watch the recording version of the webinar
The damn slow connection is really buzzkill !! :confused:

Hi Mostapha,

Great webinar, thanks a lot! I’ll be looking forward for the next one!

Hi Mostapha,

It was great webinar. I really enjoyed and help me better understand whole set up. For many reasons I/we can not wait for Honeybee!

Great Webinar!

Really clear and informative, would love to see more of these

Hi Mostapha,

How can I get the recorded version of the Ladybug and Honeybee workshop?


Hi Kirpytus, It hasn’t been uploaded yet. I follow-up again today and hopefully I will send you a link to the video soon. -Mostapha

Hi Mostapha,

Can I still get the link to the recorded video of your workshop at Penn?


Hi Mostapha, I need it too, that was great workshop!

I hope we can access the recorded



Hi guys.

I haven’t been able to find the time to get the videos and edit them and probably won’t find a time that soon. If anybody on the list is willing to edit the videos so I can upload them let me know and we will find a way to send them the files.

The good news is that we will give another presentation on 21st. It won’t be as comprehensive as the workshop but it should be good to get you started and give an idea about the process.


Can you let us know the details of your next presentation on 21st?

And I think I can edit the videos if you let me know your expected output - total time, file size of the video to upload, etc.

Thanks, So.

Hi So Young. Thank you for the offer to help. If you send me an email I can send you more details about the videos.

Here is more information about the presentation:…