Water Cooled VRF

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I am happy to let you know that you can model the water-cooled VRF system now with Ironbug.

Water-cooled VRF system

The new water-cooled VRF system has become more common in larger office buildings, high-rise towers. Especially in the cold climate, this system doesn’t have to worry about defrost issue, and works well with existing water systems. This system comes with the higher COP up to 6 than traditional air-cooled system’s 3.5, and double heat recovery possibility.

Manufacturers like Mitsubishi, have released this type of products in recent years. (https://www.mitsubishielectric.com.au/assets/LEG/CITY-MULTI-Watercooled-Brochure-May-2016.pdf)

In OpenStudio 2.9, this water-cooled VRF has been added, but there was a bug that crashes OpenStudio App when visualizing the condenser loop with the water cooled VRF in its demand branch. In OpenStudio 3.0, this issue has been fixed, and now I am enabling this in Ironbug.

I personally have encountered this system a several months ago in a project in Chicago, but wasn’t able to really model it. but now we should be able to do so.

Here is an example file:
(Note 1: you need to update the Ironbug 0.0.16 )
(Note 2: you need to adjust the performance curves based on a real product if you have one)
Ironbug_VRF_WaterCooled.gh (592.6 KB)

Hope this will be helpful, and please let me know if you have any comments.



Hi @MingboPeng I am getting a severe error for this script.I updated ironbug and using OS 3.0.1

Hi @Asisnath,

The issue has been resolved automatically.

@MingboPeng Thanks for clarifying ,so this warning error is not an issue for the simulation than?

@Asisnath I would think so, unless there’s anther issue other than this one.

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Can’t wait to test this out!

But what am I doing wrong here… I downloading using the link you sent but get this:

Says v and throws all these target invocation exceptions for mostly setpoint managers and schedules. I am reasonably sure everything is unblocked (Due to IT settings, I had to use the old throw it on the USB trick)

Hi @Elliot_Glassman, did you check this?

Beautiful, thank you! I had missed this. Seems to work now.

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Hi @Elliot_Glassman how did you solve this? I’m gettin the same target invocation exceptions, I walready double checked my HB and LB versions as noted in the post above, as well as OS and E+. Everything seems ok but somehow it still doesn’t work.