Water features in Outdoor thermal Comfort

Is there a way to check the effect of having water bodies and fountains on the outdoor thermal comfort?

I wrote my thesis (partly) on that.

Short answer: Not really. Maybe Envi-Met can do that?
The physical principle is quite simple: the water evaporates -> relative humidity increases -> temperature decreases. That process is well described, but I guess you wasn’t just looking for some formulas.

First you need to calculate evaporation from your water body, which is manageable. Or you need to guesstimate it. I used a CMF for that.
Then you need to translate the evaporation into a change in temperature and relative humidity. As I said, that is in theory quite easy, but it gets complicated when you take into account wind flows and so on. I came up with a method for calculating it for still standing air. If you want high accuracy and a coupling to a CFD simulation, current research points towards transient CFD analyses, which in my opinion is not feasible.

I implemented my work in Grasshopper under the name Livestock. It is possible to download and try out. There is currently no tutorials as I’m rewriting the plugin to make it more simple and user friendly.



Interesting! Thanks for sharing you work @ChristianKongsgaard! Will surely go through it. I somewhat expected this answer.

Thank you for sharing @ChristianKongsgaard.

Hie @ChristianKongsgaard,

I am studying the water cycle of a douzain farms in France and was trying to create a ETP soil model as well as a precipitation model. So I am delighted to discover your work on livestock ! Thank you so much for sharing this.

Looking forward for tutorials and userfriendly plugin.
I am going through it !

Hi! @ChristianKongsgaard, thanks for sharing
I’m new to Python scripting, and i usually only use the “graphical” scripting method from GH. I managed to install Livestock reading your instruction here https://kongsgaard.eu/install-livestock.html , and i can actually use Livestock components in GH, but none seems to work. Probably it’s because i’m using Rhino 6.0, while your plug-in is made for the previous version i think. During the installation, i put the downloaded files in %appdata%…Rhino 6.0, and not in the 5.0 folder that you indicated in your guide.
Is it possible to use Livestock in Rhino 6.0 somehow?
I’m getting into climate simulation and i need a realistic reconstruction of the evapotranspiration effort, so, from what i have read on this forum, it would be great.
Thank you!

Hi @sipicco
I unfortunately haven’t had the time to look at or work on Livestock since the end of 2018. So I don’t really know if it works with R6 or not.
Have you tried this https://kongsgaard.eu/hill-slope-tutorial.html ?
If it doesn’t work, then it might be that you didn’t install Livestock correctly but it could also be that I broke something while updating something else.

@ChristianKongsgaard thanks for replying!
Yes, i gave a look at that, but every Livestock component i drop in the canvas gives me this error:

  1. Solution exception:Part of the path is impossible to find […]\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\scripts\livestock\components\component_list.txt’

I think it’s eìbecause of the rhino version

Yeah that is a Rhino 5 specific path.
Can you hack it by copying the component_list.txt to AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\scripts\livestock\components ?

Hi, I’m trying to study the effects of plants on Microclimate Simulation, so I’m very interested in your research. But I couldn’t open your home page link to get “livestock”. I don’t know if it’s my network restrictions. If you can give me a new link, I will be grateful!

Hie @ChristianKongsgaard,

I used to be able to run slope tutorials 2 years ago, but I tried again last week, and I cannot run it anymore. I am not sure of the reason why, but I guess something in the installation process goes wrong. How can we work on that topic to make CMF available in GH ? I really need that stuff for permaculture, flood, and overflow studies, and I am ready to spend time this year to come in developing this kind of tools, but I am not able to manage it all by myself. Can you help us in any manner ?

I really wonder what you have shared that but I guess link is broken. Would you check the link that goes to your thesis please?

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Hi everyone, I have the same problem. The site is probably compromised.