Water Tank Simulation


I work on the hydric behaviour of agricultural lanscape and site terrains, and I
wonder how I could simulate water tank level, filled by water source, and rain fall, and emptied by cows, humans, plants…
The problem is that, as for Dynamic Thermal Simulation, the level at hour h, is dependant of hour h-1. So it’s a kind of Dynamic Water Simulation.
Is there a component that could help me into this ? If I should write the component myself, what would you suggest me to start from ?
Regards to you all,
Denis, in Paris.

To my knowledge there are no ladybug-tools components that explicitely calculate dynamic water models. I know that livestock does some of this for terrain and would direct you to @ChristianKongsgaard for more info about it.

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Thanks @AntoineDao for your reply.
Yes, I know about Livestock. I would prefer not to rely on it for this particular task. I would feel like targeting a fly with a rocketlauncher. But, indeed, it is a possible way.

If it’s too small for livestock to run then yes you’re probably better off writing your own script to do this. Does it need to be in grasshopper? Or can it be run separately? If it can be run separately and you’re unsure about your python skills I can give you a hand writing something up if you want :smiley:


I am pretty sure of my lack of python skills to try this !
Christian Kongsgaard suggested me to do so, as well, starting from his components.
I should take some time, and a big breath, to start this.
Thanks for your proposal, though. I will not forget to send you some of my trials, if there is any.

Hi @FrehelDenis,

If you use these tools for agriculture try and reach out for @ChristianKongsgaard - he has tools for outdoor water evaporation and run off. If relevant :slight_smile:
Mathias Sønderskov