Weather data/Climate files (EPW, TMY, DSY)


We’ve a large amount of weather data for the last 30 years, that we want to make an EPW-weather file out of. Hopefully also a DSY (Design Summer Year) and a TMY file.

This, so that we can perform several analysis in LB/HB.

Does anyone know about a open source phyton script that does some of this? I’ve tried Gitbub, but I’ve only encountered scripts that “modifies” an already existing EPW-file.

Hi @EspenHansen,

You can use this one:

Or use the dragonfly Create EPW.


Hi, @Erikbeeren


The issue is that these options only convert, not generate. We have datasets with these values over the last 30 years. We’ll need a script that basically extract the correct data from these lagre datasets, and generate a EPW-file.

The code in DF-EPW generator are nice to have, for the last part relating to the setup of an EPW-file.

I used the read file command in Grasshopper. Mostly weather data is in CSV format, so you can split them up in nice data trees and ad this information to the right input. The designday files will only be generated if the weather station is listed in this file:
designdays.7z (59 Bytes)

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@EspenHansen - I found this code to be helpful → GitHub - TerriaJS/aremi-tmy: A tool to work out Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) from ground weather station observations and satellite solar irradiance data.

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