"Weather Simulation requested, but no weather file attached" for future data .epw files

Hi all!

I am trying to export a simulation to Open Studio, but I am having a problem with a future .epw weather file I am using, as you can see in the picture. The file was generated with the tool available in https://energy.soton.ac.uk/ccweathergen/.

I ran the exact same simulation with a .epw file which comes from https://climate.onebuilding.org/ and it worked perfectly. Then I tested it again with a future .epw from University of Exeter, and again it worked.

Based on some other topics on the forum, I tried some things that didn’t solve:

  1. Create a .ddy file for it
  2. Use the weather converter from Energy Plus to rewrite the file and create a .stat

I attach my .gh and .epw files and wonder if someone more experienced could help with this issue. It is necessary for my graduation work and I tried everything that I was capable of.

Google drive link: Honeybee - Google Drive

Thanks to all!

Ps. It might be necessary to plug again the material names on components (I don’t know why it happens)

If you still need to use Legacy, I would update to the latest version of it on Food4Rhino since there’s one from 2020 there.