Weather Simulation requested, but no weather file attached



when running a simulation for Surface Outside Face Temperature using Honeybee 0.0.63 I get he following errors from both, directly EnergyPlus or through OpenStudio:
** Severe ** Weather Simulation requested, but no weather file attached.
** Severe ** GetNextEnvironment: Errors found in getting a new environment
** Fatal ** Error condition occurred. Previous Severe Errors cause termination.
…Summary of Errors that led to program termination:

I am using an epw file that I already used in previous works with previous versions of Honeybee and it worked.
Something changed in the last version that can cause the error because the epw file I use doesn’t fit the new Honeybee version?

It is possible so far I did only different types of simulations like loads and losses but never outside surface temperature. Is it possible something is wrong with the epw file that is needed specifically by the outside surface temperature simulation?

The same Rhino and GH models work fine with others epw files.



Can you please check if there are any spaces or special characters in the file path of your weather file? If yes, please avoid them. Also, please try to place weather file in C:\ladybug


Hello Devang,
thank you for the quick reply. It worked placing the file in the C:\ladybug folder.
Didn’t remember that EP doesn’t like directory paths with spaces. I knew that was required for the workingDir to indicate where you can save simulation data but never thought that also for the epw file is necessary.