Weird behaviour of Components on Loading the File

Dear All,

After replacing the honeybee_honeybee user object (due to the latest update regarding the therm gasses info) when I load the file I get an error message.

In addition, some components don’t recognize that honeybee is flying. This is fixed when I disable-enable those components.

Its not a fatal error but it certainly is a nuisance.

Wondering if someone else has had a similar problem.

kind regards,

Mauricio (501 KB)

Hi Mauricio,

This is because of the order of execution of components in Grasshopper. To solve the issue select Honeybee_Honeybee component and press Ctrl+B to send it back in the list and save the file. Next time that you open the file honeybee_honeybee will be executed first.

You can read more here.


I didn’t check the image that you attached. That happens since dynamic item-selector hasn’t select any items which happens because zone program couldn’t find Honeybee which is because the issue that I just explained.

Hi Mostapha,

Execution order fixed everything. Thanks. I’ll export the ghuser as soon as I’m done with a few things.

all the best,