Weird calculation results

I checked a simple building outdoor ventilation with downloaded case files. But the results of both wind pressure and wind speed calculations are very strange.Looking forward to your help.

Hi @SeraphimLee,

This has been discussed multiple times already (forum search is your friend! :slight_smile: ). The reason for what you see is that some of your probe points fall outside of the OF mesh (due to grid size most probably). OF assigns an inf value to them by default, thus the ranges you see.

There are two ways to fix this. One, the best practice one that assures this doesn’t happen in the future, is to improve grid mesh quality and try offsetting your calculation plane from your buildings (by at least grid_size/2). That should fix all issues. Second, the hacky one to fix it on the spot, is to just cull all values above smth like 500 or 1000, from your values output. That will only keep your correct velocity and pressure values and remove the inf.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,