Weird radiation result on a north facing façade

Hello everyone,

I’m running radiation analysis in HB but the result on the north façade is weird regarding the other façades.

Then I’d like to know if I can use just one legend for all studied faces instead of 6?

Thank you for your help!
Best regards, (497.0 KB)

Hi Yanmei,

First I would like to suggest you use a false toggle whenever you share a file not to initiate any runs when the file is opened.
In this case you have left the recolour mesh component without a fixed scale, therefore every surface is coloured between the lowest and highest value that they get, which is why you see these weird results.
If you force a range for the scale then you will get something that makes more sense.
One thing you can do to get one legend is to join the mesh and flatten the results before they go into the recolour mesh component.
See attached file. (493.2 KB)

Dear Byron,

Excellent !
I did try to flatten the meshes but what I need too is JOIN…

Thank you so much for your help!