Welcome to Ladybug Tools forum



Ladybug Tools is a collection of open source applications and integrated workflows that support the analysis and improvement of the built environment’s performance. The main goal of this forum is to help the Ladybug Tools community to help each other.

This forum is replacing the old Ladybug forum on Grasshopper3d. You can currently only join the group by invitation.

If you currently have an account on the old Ladybug Tools forum you should have one created for you on this new forum. Send us an email to discourse@ladybug.tools, with you preferred email address and your user profile on the Grasshopper forum and we will send you an activation email.

If you are a new user send an email to discourse@ladybug.tools and put discourse invitation in the email subject and we will send you an invitation email.

This process currently involves some manual work and it may take some time before you receive the email. Please be patient. We will do our best to send you the email as soon as possible.

Before posting your first question take your time and read the forum guidlines!