What are the default EnergyPlus parameters for the AdaptiveMap Panel?


The ModeltoOSM Panel has an output called osm, which outputs a file of the default/input parameters to the EnergyPlus simulation. I am wondering if a similar file can be found for the EnergyPlus simulation through the AdaptiveMap panel.

Also, the AdaptiveMap is intended to be used for passive ventilation/buildings and probably do not intend to have any HVAC inputs? But doesn’t EnergyPlus require some HVAC design inputs?


You are right that the OSM and IDF files are created under the hood for the comfort map recipes but they aren’t currently saved to the simulation folder. We only save the resulting .sql file since that’s all that is needed for the later simulation steps. @AbrahamYezioro actually asked to have the IDF stored in the result folder a while back and I was just going to add support for it this week. Are you ok if we only store the IDF and not both the IDF and OSM?

EnergyPlus can absolutely simulate unconditioned and passive buildings. Your models definitely don’t need to have HVAC systems in them and all that you have to do is set contioned_ to False when you create the room to have them be fully passive.

I’ll also say that people use the Adaptive model for mixed-mode conditioned/passive buildings all of the time. While the original studies for used to make the Adaptive model were done in fully passive buildings, a lot of experts now think it’s fine to use them in mixed mode buildings where people have the freedom to open windows and change their clothing.

Thanks for the response!

I am OK with just the IDF file. I did not realize that the OSM and IDF were similar files as you noted in your response to the other post. I just think it would be helpful to have some reference of inputs into the energy simulation (when not directly specified)–whatever that form may be.

And I do see now that EnergyPlus can also simulate unconditioned/passive buildings–thanks for that note. Do you happen to have a reference/could you direct me to any info on how EnergyPlus simulates unconditioned buildings more specifically?

Hi @sshimizu ,

I just pushed an updated set of comfort-mapping recipes to the development version of the plugin. There are a lot of improvements in the new version and one of them is that the IDF now gets copied to the simulation folder such that you can check the EnergyPlus input. So, if you update to the development version with the LB Versioner, you will now see that the IDF gets stored in:


The way EnergyPlus simulates passive buildings is not really muchdifferent than how it simulates conditioned ones. It just doesn’t supply heating and cooling to meet the zone setpoint so the temperature of the room increases or decreases accordingly. So I don’t know of anything specific I could point you towards except to try running a simulation of an unconditioned room yourself and see that the indoor temperatures are far from typical setpoint values.

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Thanks Chris, much appreciated!!

Hi Chris-- so ran the Versioner and the latest version throws me an error, unfortunately:

A coworker ran the same file without updating and it ran without the error…

I see that the Dev versions need OpenStudio v3.3; but I have tried installing v3.3. and still get the same error.

@sshimizu ,

You have to also use the latest version of the component. The sensor_count_ input is gone in the latest development version of the component and has been replaced with a much better way of parallelizing the calculation based on the _workers_ input of the Recipe Settings.

So just drop a new version of the component on your canvas to replace that old one there.

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