What component to use in building energy simulation to also account for daylight along with artificial light?

I am simulating a building for energy consumption. But the lighting load I am getting is mostly from the artificial light that the model is taking from the building program(6.5 w/square meter).

I want to include daylight as well to get the monthly lighting load as the combination of daylight and artificial light. The lighting load will decrease if the daylight is considered in simulation.

I have attached the current file i am working on and the lighting load(monthly) I got from running it. Please tell/suggest me the work flow/component for integrating the lighting(Daylight and artificial).

Your images are not helping much to see the workflow. Basically you have 2 options to account for daylighting:

  1. Directly in E+ simulation, where you can define some control points in the room to check the need for artificial lighting.
  2. Combining Radiance simulation results as input for E+ simulation.

The attached file shows the first approach with a basic GH definition. From that you can understand how to apply to your case workflow. See yellow group in the file the use of the DaylightControl component. You can add a couple of more definitions for the inputs if you need so.

01_DaylightControl.gh (33.9 KB)

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