What happened to the Graphical User Interface in OpenStudio 3.2?

Hi all,

I would like to open an OSM file (created using LBT V1.3) in the OpenStudio GUI so that I can get a visual representation of the HVAC system in my model.

It was trying to open it in OpenStudio 2.5 and threw an error because of the incompatibility. I went ahead and uninstalled that version of OpenStudio since I no longer use the Legacy plug-ins.

When I then tried opening the OSM file it asked me which program I’d like to use and I pointed it to C:\Users\max.marschall\ladybug_tools\openstudio\openstudio.exe

However, this seems to be the actual command line program that runs the model, and not the GUI desktop version that I’m looking for.

What happened to the GUI - where is it located and how do I open it?

Answered my own question:

The “OpenStudio SDK” is separate from the “OpenStudio App”.

The “OpenStudio App” installer can be downloaded here:

On my computer, by default it installed it at C:\openstudioapplication-1.2.1\bin\OpenStudioApp.exe

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I guess then my next question is:

Why is this model not showing any system in OpenStudio?

unnamed.gh (34.6 KB)

That’s interesting, it shows up when I pick a different system:

@chris could this be a bug or am I missing something?

Hi @MaxMarschall ,

Glad that you already found the link to the OpenStudio Application. PTAC systems do not have any plant loops or air loops so you won’t see them show up in that section of the OpenStudio Application. Each PTAC is “packaged” to deliver heating + cooling to a single Zone. So you will see the full definition of each PTAC system under the “Thermal Zones” section of the OpenStudio Application. They should be in the “Zone Equipment” column of that section.

So there are no bugs here and you’ll also find that you get reasonable heating+cooling energy use when you run the simulation with the PTAC systems.

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