What is building program and how to customize it?

May I ask:


Hi Grasshope,

  1. Building program is based on OpenStudio schedules and loads for different building types.

  2. By OpenStudio team-

  3. You can find all the information in OpenStudio_Standards.json. Search Grasshopper’s default folder and you will find the file.

  4. You can overwrite the defaults using several setThisandThat components. If you want to create your own program from scratch then you need to deal with text files and create your own. We don’t have an automated process for that right now.

There is an excel file here that is used to generate .json file > https://github.com/NREL/openstudio-standards/blob/develop/resources…

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Thanks, Mostapha!

The following components are in the Honeybee “08 | Energy | Set Zone Properties” sub-panel.

Are these the ones that you’ll suggest for zone-based customization, such as default construction, default loads and schedule… ?

Hi Grasshope, Totall

Hi mostapha, may you reupload the link above?

Is it possible to find this spreadsheet on the nrel website?


Here you go: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15-mlZrWbA4srtFHtWRP1dgPeuI5…

Thank you!