What is current best practice to use Rhino inside Revit to get an energy model (daylight factor)?

Hello, I wonder do we have any recommended approach to get an energy model (paperthin walls, and windows cut through them) from Rhino inside Revit to use in honeybe, fx. for daylight factor?
I made a script that works on simple buildings, but as it uses extruding window glass panes and then cutting through walls, it fails on more complicated models (curtain walls, walls with various thicknesses etc).
Maybe there is a smarter approach via other method?

Here is an example from my script:

from such model:

Maybe I should drop fully automated approach, and try again with gbxml creation in revit and import?

I replied to this question on the McNeel Discourse forum:

We haven’t tested this workflow inside Rhino Inside Revit. Probably the best approach is to add a component to Pollination that loads the Revit model as a Honeybee model when the plugin is used inside Revit. Similar to additional Grasshopper components that comes with RIR.