What is the purpose of the example file "indoor_airflow"?


I’m currently using butterfly, and trying to understand how it works and which kind of calculation and results we can get from the scripts.

So I started to work on the example files, but after your webinars I get confused. I cannot understand what is the purpose of the example file “Indoor_airflow” if we can do a natural ventilation calculation in using the “outdoor_airflow” script.

So my question is, when should we run an indoor airflow simulation instead of an outdoor airflow simulation where a natural ventilated building is designed?

Thanking you in advance for your help,


Hi @mathilde.courtois, Did you watch this video series?

Example files are showing you the workflows and are not designed to solve a specific architectural problem. There is no easy way to say which workflow you should use for your problem. It depends on what are your trying to achieve.