What is the status of Dynamo + Ladybug currently?

Hello, I wonder what is the msot recent approach for analysis of models done in Revit?
Would you use Dynamo with Ladybug (I remember there were a lot of errors in that, I could not make it work in Dynamo for even simple room).
Would you export from Revit to Rhino and then do the work normally? If so - what file do you use for export? DWG?

If you have a Rhino 6 Licence you have access to Rhino 7 WIP which allows for rhino.inside; Rhino and grasshopper to run inside of Revit. I have not done anything past some sun roses inside of Revit with Ladybug/Honeybee+ it seems like (either user error on my behalf or) Doing grasshopper based analytics inside of Revit Is still a WIP part of the WIP of Rhino 7. But you can with relative ease extract the Revit model’s Geometry in a way that to me at least seems to be much more efficient than other Revit to Rhino workflows, as well as making incorporating any changes to the design made in Rhino from ladybug/honeybee analysis results much easier as you; when reinserting the model into Revit can assign generic family types to the new geometry and then with a few clicks assign your heavier MetaDataFull .rfa’s to the new masses ect.
(I know that is slightly off topic to the topic)
I personally find no joy in Dynamo and feel like Dynamo wants to be Grasshopper and that between the two grasshopper is the more versatile and inter-operable, but that is said with no disparagement nor contempt towards Dynamo! Just my personal preference and with hopes of when Rhino7 Releases that Rhino.Inside has even more tools and features available as I feel like data driven design from computational analysis and evolutionary multi goal problem solving is without a doubt the future of High performance architecture and that the workflow from Ms.B and friends to BIM to built would be made quite happy. Ecstatically awaiting the ladybug plugin for Revit and to see how Rhino.inside and the ladybug Revit plugin work together!

And we are also developing a plugin for Revit. It is a work in progress but it is getting there slowly.

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