What is the unit of " grid size"? meter or cm or mm

hello all

what is the unit of " grid size"?? meter or cm or mm


Is for you to decide. If the model you are working on is mt so your units will be mt, and so on.

@ahad @AbrahamYezioro is right. The unit of grid size is just as the unit in Rhino.

dear @minggangyin
I created my model in rhino and then i calculated radiation on model by Ladybug.
My model is like below pic and value of grid size is minimum (0.1).( i got minimum value)

If you say

in this way the size of my grids are 0.1 meter=10 cm
and i think ,this is impossible?

I gonna to get area of cells then it unit like as you know is m^2 no just meter.


@ahad If you want to know the area of cells, you can use Area Compotent.

Thanks for your response.
If i had 700 cells on My model like above pic, in this way i will can find area of any cell?!


@ahad Yeah.It is easy to get it.

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