What is your assumption to calculate radiation on inclined surfaces?


hi all
i have some questions about calculating radiation.

  1. sky is isotropic model? … clear sky?
  2. how we can find those equations that was applied for calculating radiation?

As I know, there are 3 method for radiation calculate.
1\Ladybuy radiation analysis.
2\Radiance-based radiation analysis.
3\EnergyPlus-based radiation analysis.
So could you me which one is your focus?


I simulated in canvas of ladybug.


Radiation calculation in ladybug is using Gendaymtx exe file.
It is written by Ian Ashdown and Greg Ward. For more information, check the Radiance manual at:

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Radiance-online.org server is down


Here is another reference guide:

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I’ll also add that all of the 3 listed methods at the top are anisotropic. Most times, people use the EPW hourly radiation values, which account for cloud cover but it is also possible to do a clear sky radiation simulation as you see here