What's the best way to build pipe-embedded wall in grasshopper?

I want to creat a pipe-embedded wall, with hot water flowing through it. And I hope the water temperature and flowing speed can be changed. What’s the proper way to do this work?

Hi Tian, Your question is not very clear. Are you trying to create a visualization? Or are you trying to prepare this for an energy model? I can be wrong but I don’t think EnergyPlus has a module to model a wall with pipes.

Yes, I didn’t find a proper model.

Hi Tian,
what is the purpose?

. If you want to evaluate a hydronic wall-mounted radiant system, you use the ConstructionProperty:InternalHeatSource component, coupled of course with the ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:VariableFlow inserted in a Plant Loop.

. If, you want to insert plant piping, you have Pipe:Indoor, Pipe:Outdoor, Pipe:Underground in addition, of course, to Pipe:Adiabatic. So if you want to model a pipe inside the wall, you don’t have a specific class, but you can use indoor using an annual temperature schedule (which you can take from a previous simulation for the layer of interest calculated as Finite Differences) and an annual air velocity fixed schedule set to 0. This is the most accurate method, otherwise you always use Pipe:Indoor and create a construction that also takes into account the stratigraphy toward the inside of your wall, which is a less accurate method.

Beware that the use of piping in E+ often (not always) makes the model prone to numerical instability.
Beware also that in the energy calculation when the system shuts down, the water temperature value in the piping is set to the equilbrium temperature (schedula in the case above).
Good work!

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