What's the most efficient way to read large EP results file?

I have an Energy+ CSV results file of 150M for a building with more than 300 zones.

I’ve select zone energy as the only output variable.

It took me almost 20 minutes to read the csv file using the Read EP Results component.

May I ask what is the most efficient way to read large E+ results file?


I think the size of the csv file depended on which output variable is you focus. You can try to set the output time step to monthly or annual. It will be more quickly.

I hope my answer can help you.

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That’s the right response @minggangyin ! I would change the reporting time step to "monthly or “annual” and this will decrease the size of your CSV to about 1/1000th of the original (along with the time it takes to read). If you absolutely need hourly results, I have been thinking about having another go at the SQL result reader, which will allow you to request only a specific set of all your data to import. So you could import hourly results for just a few zones that you are interested in, which should be fast if the number of zones is small. I’ll see if I can get something committed to WIP in the next few weeks.

Thanks, @chris.

May I ask if you want to implement the SQL reader as an additional HB component, or to create an independent reader to produce raw data file based on filtering conditions specified that can be used as input of the LB component to produce heat map or other charts?