Where are the building programs for individual rooms in residential buildings?

Hello everyone!

I recently noticed that the legacy version of Grasshopper has a significant number of building programs for different rooms in both mid and high-rise residential buildings like- the kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms etc. However, the latest version only has the apartment, corridors and office.

Is there some way to retrieve all programs with only the new version of HB and LB installed?


The Program Types that ship with Ladybug Tools are derived from the Dept. of Energy Commercial Reference Buildings, which provide a robust set of criteria for commercial buildings but not single-family homes. Single-family home modeling techniques tend to be a lot less standardized since every homeowner is different. If you want a ProgramType that generally represents a Residence, the Midrise::Apartment::Apartment is suitable for this purpose.


Hi Chris,
Despite my efforts, I have yet to find anything on data center equipment loads in any site or standard. Maybe you can tell me where that is.