Where can I download GenCumSky.exe manually?

Hi all,

Ladybug is an amazing plugin for grasshopper.I am really excited.

But, I got problem about loading “GenCumSky.exe” while testing sample GH definition file.

In my placative, my pc dose not allowed for the program to automatically download .exe file because of security.So, I should manually download “GenCumSky.exe” to use Gencumsky component in Ladybug.

I found " GenCumSky.exe" in the discussion forum at DIVA for Rhino’s Website below.


Then, I put this .exe file into my working directory. But, gencumsky component seem to write error message below on report output out put as image 1 attached.

"gendiscretesky:Error - invalid input parameter ‘-p’."

Following components also write error message as image 2 attached.

Dose anyone have an idea to solve this problem?



Hi Maru,

Check the attached file and let me know how it goes.

You can also try to change the workingDir to a new location on another drive that you have a higher level of permission (e.g. d:/test) and see if it does solve the security problem.



GenCumulativeSky.exe (1.09 MB)

Hi Mostapha,

Thank you for your replay. I solved this problem.



Thanks @mostapha for providing the file. I can’t trust any other sources, so I was really disturbed but thanks to you now I have the file I need. Thanks Once again.