Where is Everything Located for the New Plugins?

Hi @chris,
OK. Got the installation fine done. I can start with the examples … :slight_smile:

In the meantime a couple of things i’ll like to see in/after the installation.
Will be nice to know where things are located, specially the libraries and alike (materials, schedules, etc). I believe i’ll find them but would be nice to have this written.
One thing that the instruction misses is the uninstalling/deleting previous HB[+]. In my case when opening GH after restart it started to ask about conflicting component and “what to do?”. I killed Rhino and deleted the old folders. Also an explanation of the structure of the folders and the contents would be nice.

That’s it in the meantime.

@AbrahamYezioro ,

I moved this to a new topic to avoid setting a bad precedent of everyone posting on the “Getting Started” Topic. The first part of your question is an easy answer:

All of the Grasshopper Components are in their usual location that you show there (the UserObjects folder). There are no .gha files associated with the new plugin at this time.

Everything else is in the following location:
On Windows:


On Mac:


Within that folder, you will find an installation of cPython which bears all of the Ladybug Tools Core Python Libraries within the site-packages folder. These Python libraries have 90% of the code for the software and all except one of them has a dependencies on Rhino SDK. The core libraries are loaded directly into the Gasshopper components via import statements and are also called indirectly from via command line for some components. If you want to know more about the core library dependency tree, I posted some more info here

You will also see a resources folder that contains all of the standards (your materials, constructions, schedules, etc.). It also has a measures folder that contains an OpenStudio measure to translate between the Honeybee Model JSON schema to the OpenStudio schema. Lastly, there is a weather folder, which is the default location where the “Download Weather” component will send the EPW files to.

For the second part of your question, you shouldn’t have had to delete the components of Honeybee[+] 0.0.06 when you ran the new installer (they can be installed alongside one another). I think I know what happened and I will try to fix it now.

I think that this changed that I just merged should prevent the need to delete any components when installing the new plugins alongside Honeybee[+] 0.0.06.

Hope it works. Since i didn’t use much the [+] is not bad for me doing this cleaning.