Where is the IDF Editor?

I recently reimaged my laptop and reinstalled all programs (including both Legacy and V1 Ladybug Tools), and now I can’t find the IDF Editor anymore. The main reason I need it is to check the IDF before sending it out for verification to engineers who don’t work with LBT.

I used to have it pinned to my taskbar, but now I can’t find it under any of the following:

  • Windows search bar
  • Program Files
  • C:\openstudio-2.5.0\EnergyPlus
  • C:\Users[username]\ladybug_tools\openstudio\EnergyPlus

I could have sworn it used to be installed with EnergyPlus, but maybe I’m misremembering?

In the legacy versions you need to install the EP separately, as far I remember.
I think the new LBT only installs the necessary commands that it’s needs.

I would recommend to look at the compatibility matrix in the github to chose the correct version of EP, so you can use it better.
Obviously, downloading the software as normally in the EP’site.

Hi @MR_Yuki, I did install OpenStudio 2.5.0 manually as part of the Legacy Ladybug Tools installation. My understanding is that OpenStudio installs EnergyPlus automatically as a dependency, in this case under C:\openstudio-2.5.0\EnergyPlus. I was expecting to find the IDF Editor in this directory but it isn’t there.

Can you access IDF Editor, and if so, please let me know where it is located on your machine?

I have now installed EnergyPlus 9.4.0 separately (this is the version used by OpenStudio 3.1.0 which is compatible with LBT V1.2.

Under C:\EnergyPlusV9-4-0 there is the EP-Launch.exe from which I can open the editor.

My IDF Editor is located in:

As you can see, I’m using the 9.3.0.
I have the LBT version and the normal software in my machine.

@MR_Yuki I see - I guess you would have also installed EnergyPlus separately at some point too. Anyway, thanks for the quick responses!

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