Where to find ladybug, Honeybee 1.2 Documentation?

I’m trying to learn Ladybug and Honeybee, but all the resources i found online are related to older version of ladybug and most component are different.
Even when i looked here:

The documentation seems not updated
Where can i find documentation or tutorials for Ladybug & Honeybee 1.2 ?

Thank you in advance


I had been in same situation recently, I haven’t touched in LBT in 4 years and back last month.

I know It’s annoying and not helpful, but you can learn a lot with this examples.
The logic is still the same, unfortunately some commands changed so looking in description of inputs you can see what it requires an witch command output generally.

I think they are still improving and developing commands that is still exclusive in the legacy version to introduce in 1.x

LB is more easier than HB, since you in last you need to understand the inputs that stimulation requires.

Other features for the 1.0.0 and above I know is that you can update yours script commands automatically to the installed version in your machine.

Hi @Topspap and @MR_Yuki,

When you download LBT you will find a folder with samples. Here you can find a lot of information about how to setup an energy model.

What is the Legacy version ?? is it available for public ?

In Ladybug Tools | Food4Rhino you can see the versions.
As example: Ladybug 0.0.69 and Honeybee 0.0.66 [Legacy Plugins]

You can find links to all of the documentations here:
Ladybug Tools Core SDK Documentation - scripting - Ladybug Tools | Forum

Links to the new versions of the Honeybee Primers are under “Rhino/Grasshopper Libraries” but I’ll add the direct link to the HB-Energy Primer here too:
HB-Energy Primer - HB-Energy Primer (ladybug.tools)