Which component can be used to split the perimeter and core zones in the new Ladybug tools?

I know there is a SplitMasses component in the old version. But I can’t find it in the new Ladybug tools. Is it discarded or replaced by other components?


Can you send a picture of your problem?
Also tell what version are you using.

You can try the “LB Sync Grasshoper File”. While your code open, setting True will sync your code with the installed version.
Look for HBIntSolid and HBSolverAdj in HONEYBEE’s tab, inside 0::create.

Thanks for your attention. I found the name of old component is “Honeybee_SplitFloor2ThermalZones”, but now it’s missing. “LB Sync Grasshoper File” cannot work for my problem. I think maybe I need to make it manually.