Who can give me some paper about the merchanism of using butterfly to simulate wind?



I want to know the the merchanism of using butterfly to simulate wind.I do not know where to acquire related article


@Clement_Xiang Butterfly is just a plugin connected Rhino+Grasshooper and OpenFOAM. If you intend to know how to simulate wind, you need pay more attention on OpenFOAM‘s wind around builing case.



I really appreciate your response.Thanks very much! If I want to learn more about how to simulate wind by using butterfly.Can you give me some suggestions?


You may also check this one.


I would add Butterfly’s wiki page:


Thanks for your help,your response is very helpful for me!


I appreciate your response ,thanks very much! Can you give me some research papers on using butterfly to simulate wind! I am looking forward your response!


I have read the paper seriously!Thanks for your help!I want to know whether you have the example to “Use Butterfly together with Ladybug and Honeybee to spatially map outdoor thermal comfort.”! I can not download it online,so I will appreciate you deeply if you can give me the examplefile.It is very important for me!I am lookong forward your response!