Why diffuse radiatin is more than direct radiation?

hi all
i calculated total, diffuse and direct radiation for some of 3D surface.
in all of cases, diffuse rate is more than the direct radiation.
these results are so unlikely.
i simulated results for various days but in all of them, diffuse rate is more.
these results oppose with experimental results.
can anyone help me?

hi @ahad

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In which climate are you working? Could you post some screenshots showing the results, which plugin did you use?


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dear Oliver

  1. I tested for various cities like London and New Delhi.
  2. Ladybug
    Actually i wonder, because the diffuse rate is more under London epw but about New Delhi direct is more.
    finally about Iran, Shiraz epw, the diffuse rate is more.

Now i’m confused, because India and Iran have almost same weather climate but the annual diffuse rate is more than annual direct for India but for Iran , results are reversely.
results was found for a same geometry.

should help