Why does my butterfly calculation take a long time?

I just installed butterfly 0.0.05 and tryed the 01_0_outdoor_airflow in examplefiles. It takes more than 40 min to get a result. It’s Unacceptable because my building model is bigger than the example model much.

How long do u take on the example files? Is it normal time cost?

@SCUTLUKE There are some tips for you.
1.disconnect the refine region to the model.

2. decrease the wind tunnul size
3. Add multi CPU parallel running by connect decompose_par_dict to model

The number of cells in 01_0_outdoor_airflow case is 6194938. If you’re able to calculate it in about 40 minutes, it’s probably short.
In my case, it took 36 minutes to create the mesh. I didn’t finish the calculation, but the first 30 steps took 24 minutes. To calculate 561 steps, it would simply take 449 minutes.
My computer specs:
Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz RAM 32 GB

The short answer is, CFD takes time. Depending on the accuracy of your study, size, complexity of geometry, conditions, etc. of course, but typically, in cases where results need to be trusted, 450 minutes are really, really low.

That said, if experimentation is the goal, try following advice above. Remove refinement regions, increase cell size, etc. Ablations like that will be fast and actually help you understand how different options affect performance and outcomes.