Why isn't annual metric output available?

Hi I am getting the following error but i don’t know why when I want to use the annual metrics after analysis.

  1. Loading the results from result files.
  2. Runtime error (StopIterationException):

line 55, in script
line 493, in annual_metrics, “C:\Users\X\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\scripts\honeybee\radiance\analysisgrid.py”

I think I have 9 grids or at least that’s the text output I can see

Separating them with item option doesn’t help (Tii)

Another update: the results run for one single grid. But nine separate squares that the grids were created from are not available. How should I separate them to get the results?

Another update: Data is available for the last grid. {8;0} each grid is identified like this. So how to avoid overwriting previous ones? if it was MATLAB, we could create a for loop and rename each grid but no clue what to do here

@mostapha you might be the only person who knows what to do, I do appreciate it if you could help

You can make every sensor grid with a unique name in Grasshopper. What is stopping you from doing that?


@mostapha :smiley: don’t know how to do it

actually, each grid is named uniquely when I checked them. There are a total of 9 grids. I am simulation one by one now but I do appreciate it if I could do it all at once.

By the way, when I have a grid with 12 points and there is an ASE output. How should I report it? Should I sum them all up? or should I calculate an average? Because it’s the hours above 1000 lux so don’t know how to interpret that.